Bionix – Spore Evolution 3D [мод: бесплатные покупки] 51.09 Mod Apk 5play

Bionix - Spore Evolution 3D

Updated: 12/11/2021
Google Play: Open
Developer Just For Fun Games
ROOT not required
Required Android version 7.0 and up

Bionix – Spore Evolution 3D is an amazing simulator that tells about the evolution of a single-celled creature into a large and formidable animal.

Feel like a single-celled organism fighting for life in water. Around the mass of dangers and enemies that can bite you once or twice. Try to grow up as soon as possible to turn into an invincible predator. Choose your appearance in the very first minutes of the game. Decide how many tentacles you will have, what shape you will take, whether you will look like ciliates, spirochetes, bacillus, bacteria or algae.

Once you’re in the open world, start moving. Look for food, collect DNA points, eat cells and microbes. Evolve by mutating into something faster and more massive. You should download the hacked Bionix – Dispute Evolution 3D for Android for free so that financial problems do not stop you on your way to the title of the winner. Customize your character with skins, color changes and stats.

In a similar game – Evolution of Species 2, you explored several planets and universes. Here, only the water teeming with life is to be studied. Watch how organisms fight for existence, feed, fight, die and reborn. The movement of more than 50 detailed three-dimensional creatures is rather chaotic and all graphics resemble the world that you look at through a microscope. Complete tasks, defeat bosses and create the strongest monster.

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