Car Driving School Simulator [мод: всё открыто] 3.4.2 5play

Car Driving School Simulator

Updated: 03.11.2021
Google Play: Open
The developer BoomBit Games
ROOT not required
Required Android version 4.1 and up

Car Driving School Simulator is a driving simulator that will teach you the rules of driving in the city.

Get behind the wheel of one of 26 cars. Go to conquer the concrete jungle, pick-ups, sedans and even a bus will be available to you. Move along the streets, following the rules of the road: stop at traffic lights, turn on the turn signals, do not park where it is impossible, do not exceed the speed. Get points for correct actions and complete all tasks. Learn to park correctly – there is a whole campaign dedicated to this in the game.

Travel around the megalopolises around the world and enjoy realistic traffic: pedestrians rushing on business, the same drivers as you filled the streets. Buy cars after earning enough money. Upgrade cars in your garage, let them surprise you with their originality and technical characteristics. Control transport using buttons, steering wheel or virtual joystick.

When you complete all single missions, play in multiplayer mode. Then you can also ride cool cars in Real Driving Sim. Compete with friends or random opponents. Get into the first lines of the global leaderboard. And to increase your chances of winning, you should download the hacked Car Driving School Simulator for Android for free.

Mod “A lot of money” will unlock all locations and cars, give access to endless gasoline and paid content, remove ads.

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