Dead age [мод: полная версия] 1.77 Mod Apk 5play

Dead age

Updated: 12.12.2021
Google Play: Open
Developer Headup
ROOT not required
Required Android version 4.4 and up

Dead Age is a dark role-playing game about the story of the survival of a group of people in a world inhabited by the walking dead.

After the zombie apocalypse, you survived and joined a small squad of the same lucky ones. From now on, you have to do everything to continue to remain safe and sound. But it will be very difficult. Because the food supply is dwindling, the wounded need help, and the unfriendly groups and hordes of the dead are just waiting for you to relax. Every person is valuable, so try not to lose anyone.

Explore areas full of dangers. Find food, resources, make equipment and weapons. Sell ​​and buy missing items from others. Do not forget to download the hacked Dead Age on Android for free to make your existence easier. Pump over your character, get medals and become stronger. Even if you die, you will be reborn again, but with increased characteristics.

Learn the basics of different professions and make survival easier. Develop relationships with other squad members. Whether it’s romantic or friendly is up to you. But you can also choose the path of a lone wolf, which does not need anyone. Explore the world after the end of color, complete main and side missions, watch how events unfold and the plot changes due to your actions.

Mod “Full version” will allow you to enjoy the purchased full version of the game.

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