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Dead cells

Updated: 02.11.2021
Google Play: Open
The developer Playdigious
ROOT not required
Required Android version 7.0 and up

Dead Cells is an addictive side-scrolling game that combines the genre of Roguelike and action in which you control a hero who wants to escape from a huge castle inhabited by traps and enemies.

The game resembles Shadow Knight, where at the beginning your character is only a reasonable clot of cells, but he can move into the corpses of criminals executed in the castle. Your goal is to complete many randomly generated levels, fight enemies and get free. In each level, you can find a wide variety of items and weapons: from swords and knives to grenades and traps. You will only have one life to reach the end of the mission.

If you die, you will have to start the level from the beginning. After killing opponents, so-called “cells” appear near their bodies. They can be exchanged at the end of the level for various improvements, for example, a bottle for replenishing health several times or getting an especially powerful weapon. But if you die earlier, all the “cells” will disappear. Each level in the game is assembled from separate elements, enemies and objects are also randomly arranged.

There are also opponents with rather strong characteristics. To defeat them, you will have to try different battle tactics, dying and reviving over and over again. We advise you to download the hacked Dead Cells for Android for free to increase the chances of salvation. Enjoy a great game that has received high marks from critics and gamers alike, and plunge into an exciting adventure.

In the “Everything is open” mod, the license check is disabled, and all possible DLCs are purchased and installed.

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