Demon Blade – Action RPG [мод: режим бога] 1.9901 Mod Apk 5play

Demon Blade - Action RPG

Updated: 11/15/2021
Google Play: Open
Developer Garage51 Entertainment
ROOT not required
Required Android version 4.4 and up

Demon Blade – Action RPG is an amazing RPG game where you need to protect medieval Japan from the demons that threaten the inhabitants of the country.

Travel to feudal Japan and become a ronin. Protect people from demon attacks. Legendary villains are not afraid of anyone and will not stop rampaging until some brave man stops them. You should download the hacked Demon Blade – Action RPG for Android for free to make the game even more fun. Fight like a famous samurai, attacking, deflecting and defending.

Collect an incredible collection of gear and equipment that will give you incredible abilities. The character from Ronin: The Last Samurai also has amazing talents in hand-to-hand combat. Fight not only against ancient evil, but also other warriors in the “PvP mode”. Find like-minded people to unite into clans, communicate, come up with a strategy and fight shoulder to shoulder like loyal comrades.

Participate in frequent events and events, winning them will bring you generous rewards. Feel the atmosphere of the Orient as you enjoy the hand-drawn anime-style graphics and the majestic landscapes of Japan’s villages, castles, mountains, islands and caves. With each blow of the sword, strength and skill will increase and turn you into an invincible warrior capable of protecting the inhabitants of an entire country alone.

Mod “God Mode” will make your abilities deadly to enemies. To do this, go through the training on the original version from our website, and then install on top of the mod.

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