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Required: Android 4.1 and above
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BADLAND (Mod: Unlocked) – An amazing platform game with an emphasis on physics in which we will help an unknown, flying, shaggy creature to overcome all sorts of obstacles while traveling through an amazing world. This world is incredibly detailed, in the foreground we can see a diverse landscape, made in black, and in the background we can see a bright and contrasting background with constantly changing scenery.

The gameplay of BADLAND on Android captivates from the first seconds, the camera will constantly move to the right side, with the help of quick taps on the display, we make our creature rise up. The longer you keep your finger pressed on the screen, the higher the fluff will rise. In this way, avoid the trap, bypass the dangers and do not let the hero get stuck in one place, because if he disappears from the field of view, that is, hides in the left side of the display, he will die.

The main task is to get to a special pipe, it will take us to the next location, where you will again continue your journey with new landscapes in design and insidious dangers. Gradually, the difficulty will increase, clones from our character will appear, they are needed to go through difficult moments, however, they also distract a little from what is happening. Further bonuses will be available, the bird will be able to increase and decrease, stick to the surface, jump high or spin in different directions. Play the full version of BADLAND for free, which can be downloaded from the link below.

BADLAND download hack (MOD) free

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