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Hungry Shark Evolution
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Current version 9.2.0
Required: Android 4.1 and up
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Category: Arcade
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An interesting arcade game with a huge underwater game world where you have to control a shark and complete various tasks with it. As expected, at the beginning we play as a cub, he was recently born and really wants to eat, your task is to find food for him in the sea so that he grows up quickly.

You can eat small fish and other small marine life, just beware of large inhabitants and poisonous sea urchins. The fact is, while the shark is small, it can be attacked by older individuals and torn to pieces, so beware and swim around such ones. Over time, your ward will grow up and then it will already be possible to safely fight other sharks, so you can even attack people.

Complete tasks, get game currency and use it to buy various upgrades and bonuses that will help you in passing. Also, over time, new types of sharks and other marine life will open. Similar games for android are very captivating and able to lure the player for many hours. The graphics here are of excellent quality, the sharks are drawn simply superbly, however, like the whole game world.

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