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Plague Inc.
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Current version: 1.18.8
Required: Android 4.1 and up
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Category: Strategies
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Plague Inc. (Mod: open diseases) – An interesting strategy in which we will do completely inhuman and terrible things, namely, infect the population of the planet with coronavirus (covid 19) and other infections until it completely dies out. However, if we omit this unthinkable horror, we get a chic toy and an interesting, versatile gameplay.

So, for starters, we select our first virus and decide which camp we will infect first, then we place it in the first victim and begin to observe how the disease gradually multiplies. The process of infection can be very different, it is very dependent on the location of the selected territory and its climatic conditions. For example, it can be made so that it is transmitted through the air or it can be carried by migratory birds.

As soon as an epidemic begins in the world, humanity will begin to create a vaccine against our sores, so do not hesitate and constantly improve and upgrade bacteria so that they mutate into new strains. This is how the fight will go, and in order for us to win, we need to have time to kill every single person, before the medicine is created.

Plague Inc.

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