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Robbery Bob
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Current version 1.21.1
Required: Android 4.1 and above
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Category: Action & Shooter
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Robbery Bob (Mod: a lot of money) – An interesting stealth arcade game with puzzle elements in which we have to climb into people’s houses and commit robberies. The main role here is played by the thief Bob, a boy who recently got out of prison with the help of a stranger. Now you must earn your freedom by robbing rich houses and giving some of the booty to your liberator.

Each level in the game is the house of another victim, where there are various valuable things. Your task is to sneak into the building very discreetly, quickly find all the treasures and also get out unnoticed. You need to act carefully and avoid meeting with the residents, because if they notice you, they will raise the alarm, and in a few moments the police will arrive and make an arrest.

At first, the tasks will be simple, houses with a small number of rooms, but gradually everything will change dramatically, the territory will become noticeably larger, more characters will control it, with dogs, alarms, and so on. Calculate the trajectory of the residents, use your unique abilities, wait for the right moment to complete the task perfectly.

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– money increases when spent
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