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Wild Rodeo: Zoo
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Current version 1.58.3
Required: Android 4.4 and above
Russian language: Present
Category: Arcade
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Wild Rodeo: Zoo (Mod: a lot of money) – An exciting and very fun adventure game for android in which you have to go on an epic tour of the savannah and try to catch wild exotic animals of different colors and sizes there. The meaning of the gameplay is as follows: various animals are running in front of you, in order to catch someone, you have to throw a lasso on him.

If you are lucky, you will hook the beast and jump onto its wide back, linger a little and jump to the next animal and so on until you pass the level. All caught animals end up in your personal zoo, which you will manage, improve in every possible way and gradually upset. People will visit your establishment and pay money that can be used to promote the business.

Management in Wild Rodeo: Zoo for Android is implemented competently and conveniently. To stay in the saddle, you need to quickly tap on the display of your device. If you hesitate, you will simply fall off your horse. When you get as close as possible to the next victim, simply click on it, so our character will jump onto it. With such simple actions, you need to jump as far as possible.

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Game currency increases when spent.
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