Dragon Paradise: City Sim Game [мод: много денег] 1.7.18 5play

Dragon Paradise: City Sim Game

Updated: 11/05/2021
The developer GiantMonster
ROOT not required
Required Android version 4.0.3 and up

Dragon Paradise: City Sim Game is a fantastic simulator that turns players into the owner of a farm where dragons live and grow.

Create your own farm in which mythical flying creatures will live. You can tame different dragons, some of them breathe fire, others – cold, and still others have even more amazing abilities. Build a wonderful town where each animal will have its own corner depending on its preferences and habitat, for example, with volcanoes, colorful fairy trees, rocks and lakes.

Grow on the ground what you need to feed the dragons. Breed and raise babies from eggs. To get unusual creatures, cross dragons of different types. Listen to the tips and get rare creatures. Dragons will sometimes want to show their powers. Send them to a 6×6 battle with a team of other players. Let your favorites show what they are capable of.

Unite with friends and like-minded people in the guild. Complete tasks together and get generous rewards. Try to download the hacked Dragon Paradise: City Sim Game on Android for free, so as not to limit yourself to anything. You should have the largest collection of dragons that want to live as comfortably as possible.

Mod “A lot of money” will provide unlimited coins, crystals and food.

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