Garbage Tycoon: Success Story, Business Game [мод: много денег] 0.5.666 5play

Garbage Tycoon: Success Story, Business Game

Updated: 10/28/2021
Google Play: Open
The developer AlexPlay LLC
ROOT not required
Required Android version 5.0 and up

Garbage Tycoon: a success story, business game – an interesting clicker game in which the player will have the opportunity to build his garbage empire from scratch.

An excellent simulator of a garbage tycoon, where the player will start the path to wealth from the very beginning, picking up and recycling garbage with his own hands. Over time, improving technology, you will build garbage processing plants and only get richer, and your empire will only grow. If you are a fan of such simulators and clickers, then we advise you to download the hacked Garbage Tycoon: a success story, business game on Android for free, developing factories and recycling all types of garbage on the planet. The game will not stop bringing you income, even if you quit it.

The game’s plot is very simple. You inherit a small waste processing plant. Having gone to the place, your grandfather’s old assistant will be waiting for you, who will tell you all the subtleties and tricks of this difficult matter. The rest will depend only on you, in which direction the development of your plant will go. The controls in the game are very convenient. Playing Garbage Tycoon: a success story, a business game will not be difficult, because everything can be controlled with one finger.

Garbage Tycoon: a success story, business game has taken the most interesting of all kinds of games of this genre. If you are bored with collecting trash, then there are other interesting mini-games that can cheer you up and cheer you up in an instant. For example, there is a mine with an archaeological excavation, with the help of which you can conduct various experiments in the laboratory and invent new and perfect equipment that can process even more garbage than before. Also, if you like racing, then you can arrange races on garbage trucks. Everything you want is here.

Mod “A lot of money” will allow the player to buy and improve all the elements of the garbage collection plant and cleaning equipment, build factories and buy new equipment without any problems.

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