Grim wanderings 2: Strategic turn-based RPG [мод: всё открыто] 1.90 5play

Grim wanderings 2: Strategic turn based RPG

Updated: 11/12/2021
Google Play: Open
The developer Ellinia games
ROOT not required
Required Android version 6.0 and up

Grim wanderings 2: Strategic turn-based RPG is a magical role-playing game that takes players into the atmosphere of an alternative dark Middle Ages with mystical creatures and battles with monsters.

The developers of the first part of Grim wanderings have prepared even more exciting battles for the fans of the game. Choose a character, customize it to the smallest detail. Change parameters such as race, class, equipment, skills, magical abilities and weapons. Then enter the battlefield to defeat opponents with the power of sword and magic. Consider every step to prevent enemies from catching you by surprise.

Explore and conquer new territories, expanding your power almost indefinitely. Start building your own settlement by choosing from all the buildings and activities. Craft the necessary items from the available resources, resulting in items with unique characteristics. Develop the plot, stopping at one of several options for an answer or action.

Use smart tactics to win epic turn-based battles. You need to download the hacked Grim wanderings 2: Strategic turn-based RPG on Android for free in order to have access to all features and functions. Develop technology, make incredible discoveries and enjoy the unique spirit of the past, conveyed through graphics in dark colors and gothic style.

Mod “Everything is open” will present the full version of the game.

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