Infinity Master Mod APK 1.0.16 [Unlimited money] Mod Apk 5play

Infinity Master Mod APK 1.0.16 [Unlimited money]

Infinity Master is an action RPG that collects items by defeating various enemies and leaders using [one-handed swords and shields], [two-handed swords]and [bows].

special features

– Depending on the weapon provided, the skill used will vary.
– In battle, two weapons can be used interchangeably.
– You can use special skills by obtaining consecutive points with basic and advanced skills.
– All skills have three levels of attack patterns.
– In the attack combo, you can swap weapons to attack in various patterns.
– If you protect or dodge just before being attacked by the enemy, you can gain speed.
– Enemies move slower in a fast-paced mode.
– Dungeons are randomly generated.
– Various monsters and leaders are randomly generated.
– Various item properties exist, and all properties are randomly generated.
– Weapon items have unique properties, allowing for more diverse attack patterns.
– The higher the dungeon level, the higher the chance of getting better quality items.
– Cleared dungeons support an automatic battle mode, and you can collect items by leaving the dungeon unattended until you die.
– Use the items and gold collected in the dungeon to strengthen your equipment and skills to challenge a more powerful dungeon!

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