Kingdom adventurers [мод: много денег] 2.2.5 Mod Apk 5play

Kingdom adventurers

Updated: 06.12.2021
Google Play: Open
Developer Kairosoft Co., Ltd
ROOT not required
Required Android version 4.4 and up

Kingdom Adventurers is an interesting simulator that tells about the process of building a kingdom and battles against insidious monsters.

The once majestic state was practically destroyed and captured by bloodthirsty creatures. Now these lands are covered with impenetrable fog. You are a descendant of the rulers, determined to reclaim the kingdom. Collect the bravest heroes, knights, magicians and adventurers. Send them to shoot the cursed fog, discover uncharted territories, explore and fight bloodthirsty monsters of different types and sizes.

Build a city in your free time from battles. Let shops, armories, hotels, warehouses, barns and a castle be located inside the fortress. As the infrastructure grows, residents will return to the city. Gradually, the desert area will turn into a lively settlement. Do not stop there, get resources, think over and build new structures, invite workers and defenders of the city.

Upgrade the abilities of your heroes. After all, with each subsequent battle, the monsters become stronger. If you want to save a couple more pixel worlds, then in Dungeon Village and Dungeon Village 2 you will have all the opportunities for this. Destroy creatures that look like fantastic animals and mythical creatures. Try to download the hacked Kingdom Adventurers on Android for free and make your life easier. In a company with funny and funny characters, no difficulties are terrible.

Mod “A lot of money” will open access to huge reserves of game currency.

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