Moonlighter [мод: полная версия] 1.13.13 Mod Apk 5play


Updated: 11/15/2021
Google Play: Open
The developer 11 bit studios
ROOT not required
Required Android version 7.0 and up

Moonlighter is a spectacular RPG in which gamers will travel to other worlds, fight monsters, and manage a curiosity store.

During archaeological excavations, a mysterious portal was found that can send people to other realities. The most daring and reckless traveled through it to return with rare artifacts and treasures. Over time, a settlement grew up next to the portal. You will become the owner of a shop where anyone can sell or buy rare items.

But the hero’s secret dream is to go through the portal to meet enemies and riches. Help the young man make his dream come true. We recommend downloading the jailbroken Moonlighter for Android for free to enjoy the whole game without being limited to anything. Destroy monsters left and right. Explore dark dungeons and labyrinths full of treasures. Also keep order in the store. Especially cunning clients will try to cheat you, so you need to always be on the alert.

Display magic items on counters, produce weapons, equipment and enchant items in the village. Summon nine familiars to help you during your epic adventures: some of them know how to heal, others – to search and carry things, and others – to fight shoulder to shoulder with you. Complete the main game and try your hand at New Game +.

Mod “Full version” will provide the purchased full version.

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