No Way To Die: Survival At Any Cost [мод: много денег] 1.21 5play

No Way To Die: Survival At Any Cost

Updated: 11/04/2021
Google Play: Open
The developer OpenMyGame
ROOT not required
Required Android version 5.0 and up

No Way To Die: Survival at Any Cost is an atmospheric post-apocalyptic RPG with stunning graphics that tells the story of survival in a world filled with scary creatures.

According to the plot, a few years ago, the Earth collided with a huge asteroid, which brought destruction and apocalypse around the world. You play as the main character who wakes up several years later in a secret bunker. He positions himself as a clone who possesses all the memories of the owner. The defense system gave the order to learn about the state of the environment and everything that is on the surface, and from this moment your adventures begin.

I would like to immediately notice that the game has nice graphics, as well as a huge selection of various weapons and monsters trying to kill you. They even introduced a stealth mode into the game, which allows you to kill your enemies secretly, without attracting any attention. Since you are a clone and you have living organs, you need to support your vital activity with food and water, which you will also need to find.

Collecting resources in the game is the most important thing to do, right after leaving the bunker, because only they will help you save your life. If you love games in the genre of survival, then you can find this straight on our website: Last Day on Earth: Survival. Gather resources during the day and hide in a shelter at night, when it is most dangerous outside. By the way, you also have to build a shelter yourself from improvised tools and resources collected at the location.

Mod “A lot of money” allows you to get a large amount of resources, and craft will not waste resources, and the energy will be infinite. Free movement on the map.

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