Nuclear Sunset: Survival in the post-apocalypse zone [мод: бесплатные покупки] 1.3.5 5play

Nuclear Sunset: Survival in the post-apocalypse zone

Updated: 11/12/2021
Google Play: Open
The developer InGames
ROOT not required
Required Android version 4.4 and up

Nuclear Sunset: Survival in the post-apocalyptic zone is an incredible action game in which you will survive in a post-apocalyptic reality.

The game takes place in the world after a nuclear explosion. Your hero wakes up alone near the village. He doesn’t remember anything about the past. But if you don’t come up with a way to survive, your future life will also be short. It is worth downloading the hacked Nuclear Sunset: Survival in the post-apocalypse zone on Android for free if you want not to be limited in spending. You will need money to buy everything you need to survive.

Meet the inhabitants of the settlement. You don’t know who you can trust and who will stab you in the back. Be always on the lookout. Get weapons and armor to save yourself from attacks. Listen to people and complete assignments. The open world, consisting of four locations, is fraught with amazing discoveries. Wild animals and mutants, members of opposing groups and dangerous conditions should not stop you. Kill monsters, sell bear and wolf meat.

While you’re not building a safe base here like in Underworld: Shelter, the gameplay doesn’t get boring. Earn game currency that looks like matchboxes. Buy equipment and weapons on them, repair barrels that have become unusable. Search sawmills, railway bridges and abandoned villages. Look for riches hidden from view, they will help keep you alive.

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