Real Gangster Crime [мод: много денег] 5.7.4 5play

Real Gangster Crime

Updated: 11.11.2021
Google Play: Open
The developer Naxeex Studio
ROOT not required
Required Android version 4.1 and up

Real Gangster Crime is an extreme action game where the hero will go to conquer the underground world of a big city and try to become a crime boss who will be feared and respected.

Your path to the heights of success begins in a huge metropolis surrounded by poor ghettos. Complete tasks and get money and resources that will be needed for even larger missions. Arrange atrocities in the city, beat, kill, steal not only from bandits, but also from peaceful citizens. You can find money, weapons, first aid kit, and armor on the streets if you look well.

Get a huge arsenal of both the smallest knives and massive machine guns, bazookas. Change your character’s costume by buying clothes, accessories, shoes, wigs, masks and much more. Some elements will give you super powers, increased agility and stamina. Drive both ordinary city cars and sports cars, big feet and even the cars of the future. Or choose massive tanks or light and maneuverable combat helicopters.

Use armor and a first aid kit in battles so as not to die in the most interesting place. Become an integral part of the underground life of the city and start to control the entire criminal world. Try to download the hacked Real Gangster Crime on Android for free to make the movement towards the goal faster and more enjoyable. Test your criminality, eye, dexterity and strategic thinking.

Mod “A lot of money” will turn off ads, give endless money and resources, for this you need to go to the store.

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