ROCKMAN X DiVE [мод: режим бога] 3.5.1 5play


Updated: 03.11.2021
Google Play: Open
The developer CAPCOM TAIWAN
ROOT not required
Required Android version 5.0 and up

ROCKMAN X DiVE is a dynamic action platformer with dozens of familiar characters from the famous CAPCOM TAIWAN studio.

An excellent, very bright and dynamic game in which, controlling one of many characters, you will destroy enemies and go through levels one after another. I would like to remind you that Rockman’s middle name is Mega Man, a character that was invented in 1987 by Capcom and based on which a huge number of cartoons, games and comics were released.

Mega Man has the ability to take over the power of enemies, you just have to touch them. His special hands immediately turn into everything that his opponents had. The graphics in ROCKMAN X DiVE are very nice, you can even call it classic, here you will also find some familiar levels from the past parts of the game Mega Man X. A couple of characters also migrated to the new version of the game are Axel and Zero.

CAPCOM TAIWAN follows the tradition and exactly repeated all the heroes’ capabilities, from jumping, their animation to attacks. I would like to tell you about the bosses separately. The studio is famous for its difficult and impassable bosses, so if you are a fan of sweating, then there is nothing easier than downloading the hacked ROCKMAN X DiVE for Android for free. All graphics have been significantly improved, 3D graphics of effects and models of each character have been added, which allows you to give several additional advantages to the game.

Mod “God Mode” allows you to make enemies much weaker, thereby making the game easier.

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