Russian Drove 3 [мод: без рекламы] 2.29 Mod Apk 5play

Russian Drove 3

Updated: 11/30/2021
Google Play: Open
Developer existage
ROOT not required
Required Android version 4.4 and up

Russian Drove 3 is a beautiful race in which the player needs to get from Magadan to the Crimean bridge.

In all races, be it the famous Need for Speed ​​No Limits or the not particularly noticeable Colin McRae Rally, there is a location, namely a real or fictional territory on which the drivers ride. We advise you to download the hacked Russian Carrier 3 for Android for free and try to drive along the uneven roads and bumpy mountains of the Crimea Peninsula. On the way to Crimea, you can see some historical monuments, as well as signs in the manner of real routes: M51 “Baikal”, M5 “Ural”, M7 “Volga” and many others.

Since the game has multiplayer support, you can compete with users from all over the world over the Internet. There is also a story mode in which you just need to get to the right place on the map. The game has worked out all the physics of the machine and the world itself, all the inscriptions are made in Russian, and the landscapes are as realistic as possible close to natural.

And also in Russian Carrier 3 you will find more than 8 types of cars and the ability to improve not only their characteristics, but also their appearance through tuning. You will come across not only other players and obstacles in the form of bad roads, forests, ditches or other cars, weather conditions can also affect your calm trip, because here not only day and night change, but also showers, snowfalls, landslides and much more are possible. other.

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