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Squid Challenge: Survival Game is the thrilling and fascinating 3D traditional simulator K- games that are based on famous childhood Korean games, this game promises to bring you the most realistic experience of the main character – Player 456. Beat off other competitors and be the only one who win 45.6$ billions Golden Piggy Bank

Do you want that Treasure? You have to be brave enough to take it.

The first game will be green light red light game challenge where your patience and stealth will be tested. Your goal is to cross the finish line without being caught by a Giant Doll. When it say Greenlight you are allowed to move but when it say Redlight, all motion must stop or else you will be eliminated. Keep in mind that there is a time limit so you have to run as fast as you can if you don’t want to end up dead on the field.

There is only two rules: Stop when it’s red & don’t get caught.
The doll will change the counting speed continuously, sometimes very quickly and sometimes very slowly. What you need is the speed and acumen of this scary doll in rhythm counting. Or it can be understood that you need to be sneaky but quickly reaching the finish line.

Full modes are now available:
– Dalgona candy
– Tug of war
– The midnight fight
– The glass stepping stones
– Marble

Game features
– Great music and fantasy theme
– Various skins with a lot of reward waiting ahead
– Also game easy to control
– Funny posture

How to play
– Touch to move
– Run fast when it’s green
– Stay still when it’s red

Remember all those who failed to finish in the limited time will receive the brutal death as a penalty.
So do you want to take this life changing opportunity to win $45.6 billion?

DOWNLOAD NOW if you are destined to be the lucky one who will be the last survival.

What’s New
  • + performance optimization

Squid Challenge: Survival Game Mod 1.0.24( 58.64 MB )

Squid Challenge: Survival Game Original APK 1.0.24( 53.65 MB )

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