Storyngton Hall: Home Design [мод: много звёзд] 43.0.0 5play

Storyngton Hall: Home Design

Updated: 11/12/2021
Google Play: Open
The developer BIT.GAMES
ROOT not required
Required Android version 4.1 and up

Storyngton Hall: Home Design is an unusual game that includes a vivid, rich storyline and the beloved match-3 system of games.

The plot of the game is interesting and confusing in its own way. Everything is built around the Green family, where they inherited a huge mansion. Of course, it is completely destroyed and you will need to try very hard to repair everything. The game begins with the fact that in front of the entrance to the mansion we meet a very mischievous neighbor, Lady Wraths. It seems that from the first seconds she disliked the family and in the course of the game, she will intrigue and weave intrigues against new neighbors.

For the plot to develop, you need to win mini-games “three in a row”, thereby earning additional stars and coins, thanks to which you can buy new furniture for the house, make repairs to the mansion and buy beautiful dresses. The ultimate goal of the game is to arrange a fabulous ball, invite all the guests there, and also find friends in high society.

The graphics in the game are very beautiful, interestingly executed. Dialogue and plot progression is made in such a way that you keep playing and playing, unlocking new storylines. If you like games in this style, then we recommend downloading the hacked Storyngton Hall: Home Design on Android for free, try to arrange the most chic ball and teach a lesson to the mischievous neighbor Lady Wraths.

The “Many Stars” mod will allow the player to spend stars on in-game content, buy design items and furniture, as well as safely spend them on beautiful clothes for the whole family. The stars will not decrease upon purchase.

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