TerraGenesis – space settlers [мод: всё открыто] 6.16 5play

TerraGenesis - space settlers

Updated: 11/05/2021
Google Play: Open
The developer Tilting point
ROOT not required
Required Android version 6.0 and up

TerraGenesis – space settlers – a space simulator about the settlement of the planets of the solar system.

Feel like a pioneer, astronaut, biologist. Join one of 4 factions. Go to conquer all the planets of the solar system. Explore the atmosphere, surface, presence of water, satellites and start populating them with unimaginable living creatures. Melting glaciers for water. Use 26 unique types and 64 genes to create life.

Protect nascent life from space debris, asteroids and meteorites. Explore other galaxies and discover planets with advanced civilizations. Create friendships with their inhabitants or start a war. Travel not only in space, but also in time in the “Land of different times” campaign. Visit Pangea Ultima, Vaalbara, Rodinia. Explore the Cambrian, Cretaceous and Khiban period.

Populate the planet that will be created after randomly generating conditions. Use your knowledge of astronomy, physics and biology for successful colonization. Create magnificent civilizations not only on the planets, but also on their satellites. And to facilitate this difficult task, you should download the jailbroken TerraGenesis for Android for free.

Mod “Everything is open” will give access to endless money, endless points of genesis, will open all the planets. To do this, you need to click buy with a 50% discount three times.

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