The Wanderer – Post-Apocalyptic RPG Survival [мод: бесплатные покупки] 7.00039 5play

The Wanderer - Post-Apocalyptic RPG Survival

Updated: 02.11.2021
Google Play: Open
The developer JmPrsh
ROOT not required
Required Android version 4.4 and up

The Wanderer – Post-Apocalyptic RPG Survival is a great text-based action game where you become one of the few survivors and set off to explore the world.

The Apocalypse destroyed the human civilization. Many died, the whole world turned into a huge wasteland full of dangers. Your hero survived and decided to explore a new reality. Create the look for your character: choose gender, hair color, skin color, head, body and legs. Then set off for discovery and adventure.

Get food and water. Watch your vital signs, beware of places with high radiation. Gather resources and learn how to craft useful items. Build shelter and storage. Rest there from numerous enemies. Find the parts of the van, assemble the car and explore even more territories. Fight bandits who want to kill you.

Tame wild animals, let pets help you survive. Look for lids that you can buy everything you need from a merchant. It is worth downloading the hacked The Wanderer – Post-Apocalyptic RPG Survival on Android for free to make life easier. You’ll love cute pixel art, multiple storyline choices, and fantastic adventures.

The Free Shopping Mod will provide free real money shopping and lots of covers.

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