TOHU [мод: полная версия] 1.043 Mod Apk 5play


Updated: 12/14/2021
Google Play: Open
Developer Fireart Games
ROOT not required
Required Android version 8.0 and up

TOHU is an amazing adventure with fish planets, adorable creatures and amazing puzzles.

Imagine you are in a world drawn by a steampunk-loving children’s book illustrator. It is this reality that has to be investigated to help a girl who knows how to turn into a robot. The purpose of your journey is to repair a perpetual motion machine that was out of order due to the man in the hood. Explore distant planets in the form of fish, find the necessary parts and solve puzzles.

In each location you will meet eccentric characters. Enter into dialogues with them and collect images for a special album. Pack up things you need later. We advise you to download the jailbroken TOHU on Android for free if you want to get to the end. Repair mechanisms, interact with a huge number of interactive elements, collect puzzles and open locks. Transform into a robot when you need brute force, and the hypostasis of a girl will allow you to penetrate everywhere.

Move not only on the ground, but also climb walls and ceilings. Click on the surrounding objects and creatures, they will react to your actions. Use hints if a problem seems insurmountable. Some of the puzzles are pretty simple, but others will take a lot of work. Enjoy not only amazing graphics, but magical music created by Christopher Larkin.

Mod “Full version” will allow you to become the owner of the purchased full version of the game.

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