Zombie Hill Racing – Earn To Climb: Zombie Games [мод: много денег] 1.9.5 Mod Apk 5play

Zombie Hill Racing - Earn To Climb: Zombie Games

Updated: 12/05/2021
Google Play: Open
Developer INLOGIC ARCADE – zombie racing shooter
ROOT not required
Required Android version 5.0 and up

Zombie Hill Racing – Earn To Climb: Zombie Games is a reckless racing action game in which the player has to wade through crowds of zombies in his car to find a safe place.

A very dynamic and driving game that has managed to win millions of hearts around the world, because there is practically no need to think, you just step on the gas and crush the zombies that are crawling under the wheels. Your very first car will certainly not be the best. Each collision will literally hint that you will soon get over to something more powerful, but do not worry, the game will give you that opportunity.

After several days of the game, you will already be cutting across the urban jungle or hills in a cool off-road vehicle. It will be completely covered with thorns, and saws will be installed on the wheels, and all because over time the zombies will become very strong. They will turn into huge mutants that occupy the floor of the screen, which cannot be defeated without a machine gun.

There are several games on our site that are very similar in theme, but have more advanced and stylized graphics: Zombie Derby, Zombie Derby 2 and Zombie Derby: Pixel Survival. This game boasts a special stylized graphics, as well as an interesting narration and even a small story. Many wheelbarrows will be waiting for you in the garage, because in order to reach the end, you will need to improve your iron horse more than once.

The Mod “A lot of money” allows you to get money when you spend it.

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